The Weiss School Outreach

The Weiss School is a school for gifted children that offers individualized education for students from early education through 12th grade. SSDC partnered with the Weiss School to bring students to the university and provide demonstrations of satellite technology.

Outreach1Shantavia, Jaina, and Lashavia building a simple LED circuit.

Eastside High School Outreach

At Eastside High School, SSDC introduced students to 123D circuits and helped them design a simple circuit to light and dim an LED. This exposed students to basic circuits and the concepts of protoyping and use of a breadboard. Students were also introduced to the CanSat project, and exposed to a basic satellite knowledge with a focus on nanosats. Students were also introduced to basic programming concepts and had an opportunity to write their own code. In addition, students built a scale model of the SOHO satellite. This provided them with a demonstration of the systems used on the satellite and an explanation of each component and its use.

GyroChair Outreach


A student demonstrates the use of GyroChair.

The GyroChair project is intended to demonstrate the concept of angular momentum. It consists of an office chair with a maneuverable weighted flywheel attached. When the wheel is spun up, riders can rotate it, which imparts a torque to the chair and causes it to rotate as well. GyroChair has been demonstrated at multiple community events in Gainesville, such as the Starry Night event, the UF E-Fair during Engineers Week, and the Junior Science, Engineering, and Humanities Symposium. Similar concepts are used for spacecraft maneuvering, and this analogy helps students and adults understand how spacecraft controls are used.