Design Projects



Sabre is a design team with the goal of gaining hands-on technical experience through experimentation utilizing a 3U cubesat! This team participates in the United States Operations Command Cubesat Challenge (USSOCOM). Members will extrapolate knowledge and research to formulate design ideas for cubesat uses in industry.


Our goal for HAB is to teach students how to build and launch a payload on a high altitude weather balloon. A weather balloon usually reaches a high enough altitude to be able to capture images of the curvature of the earth and it is a great tool in teaching STEM education due to its low cost, simple design, and small volume compared to other experiments near or in space-like environments. The launches will include both the construction of the balloon, parachute, and payload system as well as collaboration with CanSat and SwampSat.



CanSat 2The goal of this team is to provide students with experience in developing and providing a cansat. This is a satellite that fits inside of a soda can. It encourages the attainment of skills in teamwork, research, project management, and mission design. It is meant to serve as both an opportunity for students to learn and also as an opportunity to teach younger students about the importance of satellites, space, and related topics. It also seeks to create and refine procedure that can easily be repeated for future cansat missions and possible launch executions. This year we will be attending the Annual CanSat Competition in Texas.

Demo Team

Create applications of physics and engineering concepts through fun experiments. Work directly with outreach chair to demo experiments at local schools and UF club collaborations.


The goal of this team is to design and build prototypes of spacewalk tools. If selected, the team will travel to Houston to test prototypes in simulated microgravity environment.


Below is a brief list of awards SSDC has won.


AIAA Regional Design Team – 3rd place

Florida University Satellite (FUNSAT) Design Competition – 2nd place


NASA Microgravity Competition – 1st place


Florida University Satellite (FUNSAT) Design Competition – 1st place



AIAA Best Community Outreach Award – 2nd place

AIAA best community

BEC Most Improved Society Award

most improved

BEC Penny Wars Award – 3rd place

penny wars


NASA Microgravity Competition – 1st place




Florida University Satellite (FUNSAT) Design Competition – 1st place